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Our Location...

6921 Wertzville Road
Enola, PA, 17025
Silver Springs Township

Near the intersection of Sample Bridge Road
2 1/2 miles west of Good Hope Road and Rte. 81
1 mile east of Rte. 114

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
    Worship 11:00 a.m.

or look for us at
e-mail :

Our Mission Statement...

Our mission is to reach people for Christ, and to nuture them into a loving community of disciples who faithfully pursue the call of God upon their lives.

Our Vision for the Church...

We want to build a dynamic, loving fellowship like the church pictured in the New Testament:

*sharing God's Word with the spiritually hungry
*proclaiming God's salvation to those who are lost
*bringing God's healing to those who are hurting
*bringing meaning to those who are empty
*sharing our time and resources with the needy

We want the atmosphere in our church to be that of a diverse group of believers, learning together to love God and each other. Jesus said the distinguising mark of his followers, was their love for each other.  So we are working to make this a fellowship where everyone feels welcome and accepted without judgement.  In an atmosphere of loving acceptance and encouragement, we can all become the people God would have us to be.

The West Shore Fellowship Welcomes you!, Are you searching for meaning in your life?  Do you long for a place to belong, where you are loved in a Christian atmosphere?  Are you looking for a loving community of Christian believers?  A church that is friendly and welcoming?   A church that is not afraid to teach historic Christian values?

Then the West Shore Church of the Brethren could be what you're looking for.  Founded in 1992, we are friendly, and open.  Our church life centers around Bible study groups, where wecan learn to love one another as Jesus loves us.  We offer Sunday School classes for children of all ages, youth, and adults.  In addition, during the Worship Hour,young children can join the Junior church class, while younger kids are in the nursery.
Our Worship service combines the best of Contemporary and Traditional.  Sermons are biblical and relevant to daily life.

We are affilated with the Church of the Brethren, a long-standing Christian denomination with a distinguised and beautiful heritage.  While we seek to retain the best of that heritage, our goal is to be a broadly evangelical Bible-believing church.  Most of our members come from other denominational backgrounds, yet have come together to form a loving church family.  You can be part of our family too!

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