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West Shore Church of the Brethren

Service times:

Sunday School 10 AM

Worship 11 AM

6921 Wertzville Road, Enola PA 17025, 1 mi. E of Rt. 114, 1 mi. W of I-81

Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer 12:30 to 2:00 PM

Meet the Team

Keith and Beth Nonemaker are retired non-salaried co-pastors, serving with the congregation and church board.

Free Resources

Who We Are

We are affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, an Anabaptist-related denomination with the tag line “Jesus in the Neighborhood”. We are a Bible-believing, community-oriented church dedicated to glorifying God on the West Shore.
We love music. We generally worship with older Contemporary Christian and traditional hymns, but on fifth Sundays, Christmas Eve and Easter we may worship through creative expressions like drama.

All people are valued and welcomed into God’s family thorough faith in Jesus Christ. Service and worldwide mission grow out of active discipleship. Worship is both a celebration of God’s activity in our lives and an occasion to reconnect with God. During the week, we continue our relationship with God through Bible Study, prayer, serving others, corporate worship and fellowship with other Christians.

What We Believe

We Believeā€¦God exists and relates to us as our Loving, Holy, Righteous Father. Jesus Christ is Savior of the world, The Way, The Truth and the Life. The Holy Spirit assures and empowers us. Salvation is a personal, redemptive experience in Jesus Christ that is encouraged in the Christian community, the congregation. The Bible and the Holy Spirit are our guides for faith and life. Discipleship means to live a life learning from the Lord Jesus.

Our History

Founded in 1992, we are still new, friendly, and open. Our church life is where we learn to love one another as Jesus loves us. We are caring and generous. We have given to support local missions such as Life Choices Clinic, Bethesda Mission, the Carlisle Truck Stop Ministry, Camp Eder, Community Aid, New Hope Ministries in Enola and Gideons International. We also support a missionary, Jennifer Cook, to Latinos/Hispanics in the Gainesville Florida area.